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Live 4 Now Weekly Inspirational Post - Re-Found Fitness

Live 4 Now Weekly Inspirational Post - Re-Found Fitness
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This Weeks Inspiration Post
A little about Deborah Baska:
She is a 5X 10-Star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach, a mom, a wife, and loves fitness! We are so grateful for her taking the time to share with us her passions and words of wisdom! She truly represents "Live 4 Now"!
1. Tell us about how you became passionate about fitness. I re-found my fitness after I turned 40. I was newly sober and I needed to feel strong in some way. Through the process of making my body strong again, I found that my mental strength followed suit. 10 years later, I am still going strong - stronger than ever in fact - and am passionate about helping other women over 40 find their inner strong thru fitness, health and positive mindset mojo. 

2. What is your biggest accomplishment in fitness? My biggest accomplishment in fitness is consistency over time. While many other women over 40 are plagued with "middle-age" weight gain, hormone and metabolism changes, developing a consistent and ever-challenging fitness regime has helped me to get more fit every year. Last year, I decided to challenge my body, and my mind, in a new way and signed up to compete in an NPC Bikini competition. I placed 1st in my division and found that I love training my body as a bikini athlete.

3. What are your goals for this year? My goal this year is to earn my IFBB Pro Card

4. Share a tip that inspires you to keep pushing when you feel unmotivated. What inspires to keep pushing when I feel unmotivated is the knowledge that it's a lot harder to get back into shape than it is to stay in shape. In addition, I know that even when I don't feel motivated, as soon as I put on my workout clothes, and some good tunes, I start to feel the urge to move. And finally, challenging myself with deadline driven goals and following a well laid out workout plan really helps me to stay on course, because left to my own devices, I am all over the place!

5. Tell us about your workout routine - what’s your favorite workout?  How often do you hit the gym? My workout routine differs depending on if I'm in prep-mode or not. For the past 9 years, I've done Beachbody at-home workouts that range from 30-60 minutes a day. I achieved incredible results doing that and the variety and well-balanced programs have been ideal. My favorite programs are CIZE, because dancing always give me energy (you can see my abs jamz on my IG stories or my youtube channel), and 80 Day Obsession, because it shaped my 50 year old booty into something I never thought I'd see!  Now, as a competitive athlete, I have changed things up. I do a lot more weight training and less cardio. I am also putting in more time at the gym, although I still love my at-home workouts when they fit into my training plan.

6.  What would you say to someone just getting started with strength training to help inspire them? Muscle burns fat. So ladies, don't be afraid to strength train. A body always looks leaner and sexier with a bit of muscle definition. My advice is to make sure you are doing the RIGHT work. Instead of dabbling around on your own, get an expert trainer  to put a plan together for you or follow a program like 80 Day Obsession, 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, etc that is designed as a well-balanced program. I see to many people putting in gym-time and getting unsatisfactory results.
Deborah has some other great information at:
  • @getfitdone on Instagram
  • Deborah Baska on Youtube
  • Her blog

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