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How I stay fit!

How I stay fit!
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Hi my name is Nicole,
I’m a single mom of two beautiful girls and I wanted to share how I manage to sweat and stay fit! After having two kids at a young age it really motivated me to learn how to take better care of my body. I knew I needed to set a good example for my two children and show others how it is possible to get your body back after children. I did a lot of research online on different types of exercises and movements! I started working out at home buying little things here and there for my home workouts, and my kids loved watching me and mimicked me! This made me feel good and we were still spending time together. I think so many of us find excuses on why we “can’t” workout or eat healthy and it’s just that, an excuse, when we make it a priority it’s easy to become a reality. Working out everyday whether it’s a heavy lift or just a good cardio session literally sets my mood for the whole day. Those endorphins are real! I am generally much happier and feel so accomplished and ready to take on the day!
I like to get up and workout in the morning so I’m not disturbing anyone and I don’t have to worry about making excuses to not do it after my work day is done! I recently became a certified personal trainer and started running boot camps at my local gym as well! I love sharing my passion with others and helping them reach their goals. I really love seeing how happy they become from their results. I balance my dental job with my workouts and personal training because it matters to me.  You feel so much better when you take care of you, you only get one body, be good to it!
Nicole Ritchey
Thank you Nicole for your story, words of inspiration, and tips and tricks! You truly are "Living 4 Now" and making the most of each day and helping others along the way! 
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