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Fitness Pro Brittany Lauren on the Importance of Sleep

Fitness Pro Brittany Lauren on the Importance of Sleep
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The most overlooked aspect of a healthy lifestyle may just be one that has nothing to do with your diet plan or your workouts: sleep.  Getting a full 8 hours can do wonders for your diet and exercise routine - sleep not only gives you more energy for workouts, but lack of sleep can lead to cravings, reduced willpower, and hunger. 

We talked to fitness expert Brittany Lauren, about her tips for healthy sleep.  This IFBB pro makes sure to take the time for healthy sleep... and it's hard to argue with her results! 

Sleep is even more important for those looking to gain muscle and lose fat.  A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that people with restricted sleep lost less fat and more lean body mass than those who got a good night's rest. 


Brittany's tips for a healthy sleep/wake pattern: ⠀

✅ Keep consistent bedtime and wake up hours.
✅ Nap to make up for lost sleep (shorter afternoon or early evening naps).
✅ Eat an early dinner (leave about 2 hours between dinner and sleep).
✅ Spend more time outside during daylight.
✅ When it's time to sleep, make sure your room is dark.⠀
✅ Keep your room a cool comfortable temperature.

How much sleep do you need to perform at your best?  Let us know in the comments! 

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