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Fight Resolution Burnout with Our Empowered Fitness Queens

Fight Resolution Burnout with Our Empowered Fitness Queens
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We're over halfway through January, how are your goals for 2019 doing?   

Although many people begin each new year optimistic for change and ready to smash their health and fitness goals, as we approach late January, it's common to lose some steam, feel frustrated, and even decide to drop those resolutions.  We're here for you with some advice on how to stay on track. 

1. Live4Now With Your Resolutions

Although resolutions are focused on the future, staying to set on your future goal can kill your optimism.  Instead of planning everything for the brand new "after" you, don't forget to Live4Now - embrace the present and enjoy life, just do so with a thoughtful eye towards whether or not decisions you're making are helping the success of your long term goal. 

2. Set an goal you can be proud of, with a REASONABLE and SPECIFIC DEALINE.

If your goal requires a lot of strict discipline, committing to 12 months of being ruled by your resolution can be daunting.  Live4Now athlete Tammy Gilles had success with setting a resolution with a deadline in April. 

"Last year I made a resolution to get in the best shape of my life at 41 and do my first fitness photo shoot. I was scared to death. I made a plan- what workouts I would do each day and meal planned and prepped weekly. I woke up at 4 am every day for 13 weeks. I had several accountability partners to help me stay on track. The end of April was my photo shoot and I had never felt more confident! It was an amazing experience and i was so proud of myself for sticking to it. It also helped me stay more focused on all areas of my life. Discipline carries over!"

- Tammy Gilles - Follow Tammy

Tammy Loves her Pink Pocket Leggings! 




3. Put your money where your mouth is. 

Sometimes you need an extra kick in the pants to light a fire under you, and for Live4Now Athlete Sam Hope, that was the prospect of losing $500 if she failed.  Think about what would motivate you to put in a little extra effort and consider adding that incentive to your plan! 

"2 years ago I made the broad resolution to eat right and get back in shape after a few months of doing quite the opposite. I ended up falling for one of those free 6-week programs that charge you $500 and only give your money back if you reach your goal of losing 5% body fat or 20lbs. Well, I was so determined to make it happen that I paid the money and went all in for the first time ever. 6 straight weeks working out at least 5 days a week while eating totally clean with no cheat meals! Now, this is not the way to go for long term consistency-but I needed that money back. More importantly, I needed to prove to myself I could beat this challenge. It took SO much discipline to stay on track but I ended up losing 10lbs and 6% body fat, putting me at 5'2",123lbs of muscle, and in the best shape of my life! I ended up being the only person (out of the 50 or so that joined the challenge) to actually reach their goal and get their money back. Heck yeah I was proud of that!"

- Sam Hope - Follow Sam



4. Find inspiration in friends, others with similar goals, or an online community to stay motivated .  

Many of our Empowered Fitness Queens have found over the years that connecting with others is an important part of their fitness success.  So much so that many have even become trainers as they got into their fitness journey, because inspiring and working with others helped keep them motivated!  Athlete Hannah Due Cameron shares how inspiring others has helped her stay fit:

"6 years ago i decided to go on a journey - to become a better me and to treat my body better. This is not a New Years resolution for you to be inspired by, but it is an eye opening, life changing choice. I gained around 70lbs and I didn’t even realize it. That was when my fitness journey began. My mom, MY MOM, told me that it was getting out of hand and if your own mom says something you know it’s true. So I started to run, no matter what. Dedication was there and it didn’t take long before i started to lose weight. I started at physical therapy school and started weight lifting and it all escalated. I gained confidence and a lot of knowledge. At that point I not only helped my self on my journey but I started helping others and I love every single part of it. I have been sticking to it ever since! So my point in this is, that it doesn’t have to be a Monday, or the beginning of the year to start doing something better for your self! But all changes takes dedication, a motive and a reason. For YOU!"

- Hannah Due Cameron - Follow Hannah

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