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Featured Athlete - Tiffany Stosich

Featured Athlete - Tiffany Stosich
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 Find our Empowered Fitness Queen, natural bodybuilding champion Tiffany Stosich in the latest issue of Oxygen Magazine. We're thrilled to see her taking her fitness inspiration work to a whole new level!  Grab the January/Feburary issue of the fitness magazine for the full tips. 


From Tiffany: 
I was chosen to be in Oxygen Magazine after filling out a questionnaire for the “future of fitness” feature on their website.  They look for inspiring people who have lost weight or have had a total fitness lifestyle change. I was contacted by the editor a few months before and he asked some more in-depth questions and he told me they were still selecting who would be in the magazine. When he finally emailed me that I was chosen I was so excited!!  I’m in the January- February edition and it is out now!



Shop Tiffany's Favorite:
My favorite Live4Now apparel is the elite series black leggings. I love the material and the design/mesh on the calves. They are so comfortable and fit perfectly.





Setting Goals:
My fitness goal for the new year is to stretch more and get my splits back, thicken and widen my back, grow my shoulders to be more rounded and grow my online training business. My biggest goal is to beat the girl I was at the last natural Olympia and bring home the title.


Fitness Routine: 
I train like a bodybuilder mostly for aesthetic look but I do lift heavy as possible. I train each body part 2X per week and I do a lot of leg/band work between sets.  I really focus on mind muscle connection and slow and controlled movements. I like to do 20 min of HIIT training because I love to sweat and feel like I trained hard.  I love the stepper for cardio every time I feel like I’m done after 20 min!



Nutrition Tip: 
Find a diet plan that you can sustain for life don’t just jump from one thing to the next without giving it a 100% effort.  Any diet plan will work as long as you are in a calorie deficit. You just need to choose one that you can do for a lifetime and not feel restricted!! Enjoy the process and celebrate each small victory.



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