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Featured Athlete - Tiffany Shireman

Featured Athlete - Tiffany Shireman
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Our Live4Now Empowered Fitness Queen program showcases passionate health and fitness enthusiasts with the goal of providing inspiration and motivation.   Think you have what it takes?  Apply Now!

In our featured athlete series, we're taking a minute to get to know our Empowered Fitness Queens, and to learn what inspires and motivates them on their individual fitness journeys. 

First up is fitness blogger and mom of three Tiffany ShiremanHer Instagram is an amazing resource for those of you looking to get fit at home.  She shares videos that give great tips on mixing up your workout, featuring bodyweight exercises and exercises that use basic home gym equipment. 

Tiffany's Favorite Live4Now Product - White Pocket Series Leggings.

"I love that they are white, but still totally squat proof.  They fit high or low, and are very flattering. They wick moisture and stay in place. Im in love!" 


About Tiffany: 

"I am a mom of 3 littles. I've been studying and working as a personal trainer and nutritionist for 11 years. My biggest accomplishment thus far was competing in a bikini fitness competition 11 months after my 3rd child was born. I self-trained out of my basement.  Getting on that stage in a teeny bikini and feeling proud and confident was amazing!!"

Live4Now Fitness Tips:

Tiffany emphasizes the importance of consistency and patience: Find what works for you and stick with it. Consistency is the key, change takes time, and there is no quick fix! And lastly, don't be afraid to ask for help -  sometimes we just need guidance and it can be very difficult to be our own critic.  Check out her Instagram for some great ideas on at home workouts! 

Live4Now Nutrition Tips:

Tiffany emphasizes the benefits of understanding portion size when planning your meals and snacks.  One surefire way to do this is to weigh your food. Correct portions can make or break your results! Portion sizing can be deceiving, and it's often difficult to judge based on the suggested serving alone.  Check out Tiffany's example of a suggested serving size of a "handful" of mixed nuts, and how that measures up to the suggested serving size by weight:

Tiffany's passion for fitness started after her own struggle with her weight finally brought her to a place where she felt balanced and healthy. Inspired, she decided that she wanted to share her success and inspire other people to get healthy too! She got her first of many nutrition and fitness certifications back in 2007 and never looked back.

"As I move into the new year, my goal is to continue to step out of my comfort zone with my training. I love trying new things and challenging my body to new limits. In my career, I want to continue to build and grow and be able to launch my new online program for fitness and nutrition, so i can help so many more people reach their goals and feel as good as they all deserve!!!"

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